Gov. Bryan Has Failed the Virgin Islands on Healthcare

It's Time to Face Facts

We do not have adequate basic healthcare in the Virgin Islands.

Our hospitals have mold. We do not have the proper medical equipment. There are millions of dollars that are unaccounted for. You will have to be airlifted to a hospital, possibly hours away from your family to save your life.

All of this is happening while Albert Bryan is in office.

These are not opinions. They are facts.

Ask yourself, “Can I survive a medical emergency here? Could my family survive for another 4 years here?”

Bryan/Roach Failures on Healthcare

Vialet/Sarauw Healthcare Legislations

  • Act No. 7453 increased authorization to $10 million in order to purchase necessary vehicles and equipment for Department of Health, the Medical Examiner within the Virgin Islands Department of Justice, the Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections and the Government of the Virgin Islands

  • Act No. 7731 provided appropriations to fund the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center’s System Improvement Agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services an providing an appropriation to the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital exclusively for the Emergency room, Operating Room, Radiology, Hemodialysis and Nursing, the foregoing provisions collectively known as ” The Technical Hospital and Medical Center Rescue Act”.

  • Act No. 8503 established the Nurse Licensure Compact to create a multistate nursing license

  • ACT No . 7828 established the Bachelor of Science in the Nursing Degree Program at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus

  • Amended Title 19 Virgin Islands Code to dissolve the district boards of the Virgin Islands Government Hospitals, to create a Territorial Board.

  • ACT 8253 allows for persons suffering with cancer or degenerative diseases to be eligible to participate in the Department of Human Services’ Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

  • Act No. 8369 – Women, Children and Families Act makes provisions for holistic care, to include pre and postnatal care for women, behavioral and early intervention screening for children.

  • Act No. 8438 established minimum criteria for members of the Virgin Islands Government and Health Facilities Corporation Board, decreasing the number of its members, and increasing the stipend of its board members [Vetoed by Governor Bryan; Overridden by the Legislature; Governor Bryan takes Legislature to Court]
  • To find out more about Vialet Sarauw’s plan for Healthcare in the Virgin Islands click here

You Can Change This

Vialet and Sarauw have been providing solutions to our healthcare crisis while they serve this territory as senators. But these solutions have been rejected by the Bryan/Roach administration. Vialet and Sarauw need your help to save our healthcare system.

Volunteer. Donate. Make sure your entire family votes.

Kurt Vialet and Janelle K. Sarauw are ready for forward movement.

Vote #4 on your ballot.

Actions You Can Take Right Now: